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There are many benefits to getting your rugs and carpets cleaned professionally. In fact, experts recommend you to clean your rugs at least once every year. This keeps the fabric in top condition and eliminates all the allergens and dangerous bacteria. Rug cleaning is extremely important when you have small children in the house. And if you own a company, you probably already know the importance of making a good impression on your clients. Order our top quality cleaning services by dialing 516-708-0296 now!

Area Rug Cleaning Long Island is here to help you whether you are a resident or a business owned. As long as you are in Long Island, we can help you with excellent rug cleaning service. We are the pros when it comes to area rug cleaning, commercial rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and Oriental rug cleaning.

All Rugs Washed Manually

Most of the rug cleaning companies in Long Island use large washing machines to clean your rugs and carpets. These machines are very fast and they are relatively effective – but only when used with strong detergents and other chemicals. The downside is that industrial machines damage the rugs. You probably won't notice this after just one cleaning cycle. However, the damage becomes apparent after two or three cleaning procedures.

Here at Area Rug Cleaning Long Island, we chose not to put your rugs and carpets at risk. Our professionals wash all items by hand. It takes more work, but we can guarantee that your precious rugs and carpets will not be damaged in any way. We can wash a rug 10 times and it will still be in perfect condition.

Meet Our Skilled Rug Cleaning Professionals

Area Rug Cleaning Long Island has managed to gather a team of the best rug cleaners over the years. We have slowly trained our professionals and gave them access to the most modern tools and equipment. Now, our skilled rug cleaners are able to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Remember, we offer commercial cleaning services to hundreds of companies in Long Island every month. The quality of our rug cleaning service has always been beyond reproach. Just check out our awesome reviews and feedback and see for yourself how we like to do things here at Area Rug Cleaning Long Island.


The Benefits of Working With Us

You have only to gain by choosing our exceptional rug cleaning services. Truth be told, there is no other company that can offer this level of quality in Long Island. Our experienced professionals are customer-oriented and our cleaning procedures are unique. Furthermore, we are one of the few rug cleaning companies that offer commercial rug cleaning, rug repair and rug restoration services. Take a look at some of the other benefits you get from us:

Our experts are the best at what they do

We can clean any type of rug

Strict inspections and quality assurance

Allergens and bacteria are eliminated

The most affordable rug cleaning in Long Island

We completely remove all stains

We prolong your rug's life

No harm will come to your rugs

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